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Taiwan NEO

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Tensions are rising between the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the island of Taiwan. Some national security analysts see the possibility of conflict breaking out over the status of the island. Many believe that the PRC will eventually resort to some level of violence to attain their goal of owership of Taiwan. With this propect of conflict looming in the future the U.S. government is quietly taking steps to be ready to conduct a non-combatant evacuation operation of U.S. Embassy staff and American citizens.

As of 2019, more than 80,000 Americans were known to be in Taiwan. There are reports that there are about 200 U.S. troops in Taiwan as of June 2023. There are also thousands of foreigners from many other countries in Taiwan as well, among them Indonesia and Japan.

News Articles about Taiwan NEO

June 13, 2023, "Review of citizen evacuation policy for Taiwan not needed: White House", Focus Taiwan. A White House spokesman said the U.S. had no indication that the situation in Taiwan warrants a review of its policy of not evacuating American citizens from areas of conflict.

June 12, 2023, "What a US Evacuation Contingency Means for Taiwan", The Messenger Opinion.  By Patrick M. Cronin

June 12, 2023, "The US is Preparing Evacuation Plans for American Citizens in Taiwan", The Messenger News. By Jim LaPorta and Lili Pike. The planning has been underway for at least six months due to a heightened level of tension.

November 15, 2022, "DSS and foreign service officers bring irreplaceable knowledge to interagency non-combatant evacuation training", U.S. Department of State.

References about NEOs

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Home > Countries > Taiwan > NEO


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