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The vast majority of these maps were downloaded from the website of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Many of these CIA maps have been edited to depict specific information.


Arctic Region. Region of Arctic (CIA 2023) and Arctic Waterways (CIA).

Afghanistan. Country (CIA small).

China. Transportation large, Transporation small.

Cyprus. Island (800w)

Djibouti. Country (CIA small)

Ecuador. Administrative, Physiology, Transportation.

Egypt. County (CIA small)

Jordan. Tower 22.

India. Country (CIA small)

Iran. Location, city, physical.

Israel. Gaza Strip (2005), Khan Yunas, Rafa.

Libya. Country, North Africa, Location, Globe.

Mexico. Country.

Morocco. Location (CIA derived)

North Korea. Location map..

Somalia. Location (800), country.

South Korea. Location map.

Sudan. Country, Administrative, Physical, Transportation, Route Khartoum to Port Sudan, Port Sudan to Jeddah.

Syria. Administrative (2007).

Taiwan. Physiology and Transportation.

Uganda. Country (sm).

Ukraine. A listing of maps about Ukraine and the Ukraine - Russia conflict. Country (CRS).

Yemen. Administrative.

Yemen. Administrative (2000).


Africa. Countries (NASA)

Europe. Baltic Sea. Eastern Mediterranean Sea.


Submarine Cable Systems Map


Home > Maps








Books on National Security and Defense

Books on National Security and Defence

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