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Special Operations Forces have seen significant growth in many of the militaries around the world. SOF forces were instrumental during World War II; however the terrorist attacks experienced in the 1970s saw a significant growth of special operations capabilities - especially among the European nations.

The United States can trace the use of special operations type forces back to the French and Indian War. Other nations have similary histories as well. The United Kingdom, Germany, and other nations utilized SOF forces extensively through World War II. Throughout time there have been instances of special operations forces engaged in almost all of the conflicts and wars that have taken place in the last century and earlier.


Defense Primer: Special Operations Forces, Congressional Research Service, CRF IF10545, updated January 8, 2024, PDF, 2 pages.

Elite Units of the World

February 20, 2024, "These Are 16 Most Dangerous Special Forcews in the World 2024: Deathly Elite", by Srdjan Ilic, Southwest Journal.


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