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Black Hornet Micro Drone

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Black Hornet Nano Helicopter Drone

Photo by U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center (USAASC)

The Black Hornet Nano is a micro unmanned aerial vehicle used by several nations around the world including the United States. It was developed by Prox Dynamics AS of Norway - a firm that was bought by Teledyne FLIR in 2016.

 It is small enough to fit in one hand and wieghs about one pound with batteries. The UAV is equipped with a camera that provides still and video images. It has about one half hour of flight time; the drone can be recharged within one half hour.

The small drone provides troops on the gorund with local situational awareness. The drones small camera is used to peer around corneers or over walls and other obstacles to identify any hidden dangers. The images are displayed on a handheld terminal.


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