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Marine Forces Special Operations Command - MARSOC

MARSOC Official Website

Individual Training Course (ITC)

Marines who successfully complete MARSOC assessment and selection go through a 7-month course comprised of four phases. These phases are:

  • basic skills
  • small unit tactics
  • close quarter battle
  • irregular warfare

This Individual Training Course (ITC) culminates with "Operation Derna Bridge" which requires the students to utilize all the skills learned in ITC. After graduation the Marines are designated Critical Skills Operators and Special Operations Officers.

Pre-deployment Training

Prior to deploying on a long tour overseas a MARSOC company will usually under pre-deployment training in the RAVEN exercise. Read more in a 2020 news report by DVIDS entitled "As the Raven Flies".


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Videos about MARSOC

February 19, 2021. Forging Raiders. A short video depicting scenes of Marines taking part in training in the Individual Training Course.

News Reports about MARSOC

June 3, 2023, "Marine Force Reconnaissance: Swift, Silent, Deadly", by Michael Ellmer, Grey Dynamics. The history, structure, organization, TTPs, training, and equipment of Marine Force Reconnaissance is provided in this article.

February 14, 2023, "Marine Raiders: Always Faithful, Always Forward", by Michael Ellmer, Grey Dynamics. The history, organization, mission, training pipeline, TTPs, vehicles, and equipment of the Marine Raiders is explained in detail in this article.

November 30, 2022, "Marine Raiders: The Corps' Only Special Operations Unit", by Mac Caltrider, Coffee or Die Magazine.

August 5, 2010. There are three active-duty Recon Battalions and one reserve battalion. Read about the history, organization, training, and more in "Marine Recon Battalion 101", SOFREP.



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