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Weapons of the Ukraine War

Ukraine Conflict > Weapons

Janes Equipment Profile - Ukraine Conflict.
An 81-page PDF provides information on the military equipment of the Russian and Ukrainian armed forces. Covers naval, air, electronic warfare, C4ISR, communications, night vision, radar, and armored fighting vehicles, Ukraine Conflict Equipment Profile, February 28, 2022.

Forum on the Arms Trade.


Ka-52 Attack Helicopter. This advanced helicopter is uniquely suited to support Russian special operations forces. The advanced helicopter regiments took high losses in the early stages of the Ukraine - Russian war.

Bayraktar TB2 Armed Drone. The Turkish built drone has seen service in the Ethiopian conflict, the Second Nagorno-Karabakh War, in Syria, in Iraq, and now in the Ukraine War.

F-16 Jets. There have been calls by some defense analysts to provide Ukraine with modern jet fighters. One objection to this course of action is the extensive training required of Ukrainian pilots. But a retired U.S. figher pilot has solution. "Deadliest F-16 pilot offers solution to Ukraine's jet problem", Euromaiden Press, March 18, 2023.

Air Defense

Patriot Air Defense Artillery. In December 2022 the Biden adminstration announced that it may soon transfer a Patriot battery to the Ukrainian military after training had taken place in either Europe or the United States. Read more about the Patriot air defense artillery system.

Starstreak HVM. The British have supplied the Ukrainian military with numerous quantities of its short-range Starstreak High Velocity Missile.


Ukrainian Drones. The Ukrainian military has adapted the use of commercial off-the-shelf drones for its fight against the Russian invaders. Read an informative article by Howard Altman entitled "Ukrainian Drone Pilot's Frontline Account of Fighting Via Eyes in the Sky", The War Zone, March 21, 2023.


M1 Abrams Tank. In January 2023 the United States announced that it would send 31 main battle tanks to Ukraine.

Leopard 2 Tank. In January 2023 Germany announced it would send its main battle tank to Ukraine.

Challenger Tank. The United Kingdom has promised to provide Ukraine with some of its Challengers.

Anti-Tank Weapons

Javelin Anti-Tank Missile. The Javelin Close Combat Missile System - Medium (CCMS-M) has been an effective anti-tank weapons system against Russian tanks and armored vehicles.


High Mobility Artillery Rocket System - HIMARS. This rocket system has excellent range and targeting accuracy. It has been taking its toll on the Russian forces.

2S22 155mm Bohdana Howitzer


Rifle Malyuk. Ukraine's indigenous rifle is a favorite among its special operations forces. "How Ukraine's Indigenous Rifle Malyuk is Helping its Special Forces Hold Out Against Putin's Troops", CRUX YouTube, March 26, 2022, 6 minutes.


Russian EW Capabilities. "Rah, Rah, Rash Putin?", Armada International,March 2, 2022.



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Ukraine Conflict > Weapons


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Books on the Ukraine Russia War

Books on Ukraine Russia War

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