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Ukrainian Resistance

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Ukrainian Resistance

And The Coming Insurgency? The Ukrainians have a history of insurgent warfare against the Soviet Union. In post-WWII the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists was supported by the Central Intelligence Agency and was credited with killing 35,000 Soviet soldiers, police, and Communist Party officials. U.S. military doctrine cites a ratio of 50 counterinsurgents for every 1,000 inhabitants. Based on Ukraine's population, the Russians would need a force as large as 800,000 soldiers and police to fully pacify all of Ukraine. The Ukrainian government is prepared to conduct a resistance movement - you can learn more on their website entitled Center of National Resistance setup by their special operations forces command. James Dobbins, a former assistant secretary of state for Europe, explores this topic in detail. "Could Insurgency Offer Ukraine a Decisive Edge?", The RAND Blog, April 6, 2022.

References about Ukrainian Resistance
to the Russian Invasion and Occupation

Resisting Russia, by Marta Kepe and Alyssa Demus, RAND Corporation, August 2023, PDF, 76 pages. Insights into Ukraine's civilian-based actions during the first four months of the war in 2022.

Little Green Men: A Primer on Modern Russian Unconventional Warfare, Ukraine 2013-14

News Articles and Reports

March 15, 2024, "Bolster Ukraine's irregular warfare tactics with Western tech", by Philip Wasielewski and William Courtney, Defense News.

February 28, 2024, "Ukrainian Civilians Are Pioneering the Art of Resistance", by Nicholas Krohley, Foreign Policy.

January 10, 2024, "Tip of the Spear: Analyzing Ukrainian Intelligence Operations Behind Russian Lines", by Nlekkas, Georgetown Security Studies Review.

December 12, 2023, "Rebuilding Resiliency: Kyiv's Opportunity to Bolster Its Defense", War on the Rocks.

September 21, 2023, "The Art of Partisan Warfare is not Dead", Irregular Warfare Center.

July 4, 2023, "Against the Odds: Lessons from the Ukrainian Resistance", by Oleksandr V Danylyuk, RUSI.

March 4, 2022, "Ukraine conflict: Ukrainian special operations forces in focus",


Home > Country > Ukraine Conflict > Resistance



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